I would like to call myself a citizen of the world, but I haven't seen enough to do so.



Small city in Belgium where the number of bikes probably outnumbers the total population. Also my hometown.


 #jackofalltrades #masterofnone

If I had to describe myself in one word I'd say I'm a generalist. 



I recently quit my job as a consultant in a big international firm, to pursue an academic path and start a full-time PhD in Data Analytics.



I'm a 90's baby so inevitably, I'm questioning my life choices all the time.



Every few months, I take up a new hobby because I love learning new things but lack some perseverance to see them through. 



Getting out of bed in the morning is the hardest part of my day, going to bed in the evening is the same. 



My comfort food consists of candy and red wine, but I’m not a dessert person.



This chicken singing "Havana" makes me laugh a little harder than it should.​